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Category: Freelancing

Dropzone.js – 4 [image preview: onclick image, open in new tab]

We often want to download/preview to make it sure what we have uploaded. A small thumbnail preview sometimes not enough. So, here is a small javascript. That will open the image in new tab. Full and final code can be found in my github repository :

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Dropzone.js – 2 [deleting files]

Humans make mistakes, It’s their default behavior. It is possible that while uploading files people will upload unnecessary images and later they will want to delete those. In our previous version of dropzone test project, We only uploaded files. We were unable to delete those files. Lets implement this feature. So, an extra javascript added to the <script> tag to…

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Tampermonkey script to identify job posts from certain country in upwork – 1

I am a part-time freelancer for a while now. In the meantime I have grown experience that the behavior/need/payment most of the clients from certain countries are not good. Of course there are exceptions, but we know that exceptions are not common examples. To keep a clear and analytical eye always in the job posting board is a very hard…

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