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Md. Khairul Hasan Posts

Wifi Robot – 2

Adding a Serial Port (Usb To Serial Converter) To TL-MR3020. To connect a arduino, a serial port is necessary. I have used here a FT232RL usb to serial converter to acheive this. The software installation/settings script is here. You must install drivers, and for communication,  socat is necessary.  The program ser2net hangs after few hundred bytes transmission. You dont need to add…

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Wifi Robot

Its about a wifi robot that i am planning to build. I have spent a lot-lot more time in the internet. And still doing that damn thing. I am losing the hours of my limited lifetime on the internet. I is not the subject i want to say, so, I will say about this matter later. Ok, while browsing the…


Spoke POV 2

I have a little time to post. So, here are the pictures taken for testing. More will come later. Code for Atmega8 from here, and it is somewhat modified.

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Swimming Pool Auto Controller Project 1

Explanation of the codes : The ON and Off is defined here because those used in codes for better understanding. And the pin definitions are arduino pin definitions that you can understand more better which pin is used for what purposes. [code language=”cpp”] #define ON 1 #define OFF 0 #define TEMPERATURE_LIMIT 31 ///PIN DEFINITIONS #define OVERFLOW_LEVEL 0 #define LOW_LEVEL 1…

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Repairing Of My Laptop

I’ve bought a second hand laptop from one of my friends. The company name is “Founder”. It is a china company that produces cheap laptops. I bought the laptop with some problems. I have no intention to own a laptop at this time but the laptop seems to more problematic and useless to my friend. I just wanted to help…

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Keep Moving Forward

Model : Masum Billah Opu Place : Hatirjheel, Dhaka Camera : Sony Cybershot DSC-T6 We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. –Walt Disney Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward. –Victor Kiam If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes…

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