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Reading data to PC from a cheap multimeter – 4

To determine the segment pins, i had to remember the theory of seven segment. Seven segments usually has 7 LED for showing a single digit and one led for a dot(i dont care for it now). 7 pins to drive the segment 1 pin to drive the dot and one common anode or cathode. The LCD has 29 pins to be analyzed. It has 3 full functional digit and a semi segment to show only number 1. So it should need 7×3=21 pins for 3 digit and 2 pins for the last 1.

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Reading data to PC from a cheap multimeter – 3

The mighty DT830D multimeter.

DT830D Multimeter battery removed

After opened, the meter looks like this.

DT830D Meter Opened, not showing the back cover.

The LCD pads has 31 pins. Among those, 3 pins are shorted so making 29 pins. If i have to determine signal from 29 pins, an arduino uno will not be capable because it has only 20 useful pins and among those, 2 pins is reserved for serial txd and rxd.

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Reading data to PC from a cheap multimeter – 1

I was fascinated of getting data to PC to conditionally control other things, or making graphs to make the thing more understandable. There are RS232 capable, even bluetooth capable multimeter are available but those costs a fortune for hobbyists. Let’s assume, every hobbyists have enough time (to tinker with things) than money. I have researched on the internet, and found…

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Camera Hack

I have got a couple of webcams, those seems useless to me. Sometimes i dream to have a binocular which can do video recording and zoom further away just like the spy movies ha ha. So this story is an attempt to make such thing. Not actually the camera in the spy movies, somewhat close to that what i want…

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Bicycle Wheel POV Light

I’ve been inspired by spokepov LED display from ladyada. The term POV means persistence  of vision. The hardware and software used by ladyada is opened to all. Everyone can download those files, make it according to their instructions and burn it with the firmwares. It is like DIY – Do It Yourself. But I have some limitations. My bike is…