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Arduino Solar Charge Controller – 1

I was sent to my home at 20th march, 2020 by my office due to the COVID-19 lock down. At my hometown, there were not all of the resources available like Dhaka city. Due to the fractional payment of the salaries and upcoming uncertainty, I was forced to do freelancing in the online freelancing platforms.

There was too much load shedding. And in the freelancing world, you need to have skills and availability as much as you can on the platforms to grab an opportunity instantly, whenever there comes any.

So, for that reason, I was trying to an alternate power source to serve me when there is loadshedding, and the solar power was the first choice among other many options. I bought a 50W, and a 100W solar panel and a 12v, 130AH battery for that. I have also bought a 220v 3pdt relay, and a 3 phase star-delta changeover switch(to change the direction auto/manual) and some circuit breakers. I bought a Chinese 600W 12v inverter.

It ran quite well for the first time. You can find the basic(rough, hand drawn) wiring diagram here:


But there is a problem. there are no protection of the battery from overcharging and over discharging.

I will build the charge controllers in my next posts.

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