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Bluetooth Robot-3

The final physical looking of the Blueooth robot.


This thing looks like a toy, isn’t it? Well, this(robot chassis/mechanism) is taken from two toy cars. Then the extra portion are cut off and glued together and then formed like a chassis. I will post images later. This is done to save some cash and waste more time in thinking and making a chassis on own hand.


Due to the reason that i am not capable of spending a lot of money to my projects i have made this myself. The commercially available chassis are of too much costly for me.


Though the has 4 wheels, it has no conventional steering. How would it take a turn? The answer is simple. The chassis work in the same basic principle like a tank. When wheels of both side moves on same speed, the car goes straight. When either of the side wheels are slowed down/stopped, it will take turn in that side. It can also take turn on its own position by moving the side wheels in opposite direction.

You see, I have added two optical reflection sensor on both front and back side to avoid collision.  when the car is about to collide a wall in front/back of it, it stops and moves to opposite direction to avoid collision. It can sense approx.1-2 cm distance depends on the wall/obstacle color. I will upload the code with the two sensors and explain about the codes later.


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